Lookeen goes official!

I’ve been beta testing Lookeen for several months. It’s a 3rd party Outlook 2003/2007 search tool that is a wonderful replacement for those who have previously used LookOut, and a step up from what Microsoft supplies. They have officially launched version 1.0 today!

Check it out at www.lookeen.com

3 thoughts on “Lookeen goes official!

  1. Lookeen beta is great! So great that I’ll continue to use it. I tried to upgrade but now these guys want money. I can’t afford that kind of upgrade.
    The beta works fine for me. Anyone want a copy of the beta?

  2. i am so thankful to the guys who create lookeen, it is such a great help! it´s a really great tool and so i have no problems to pay…primarily because it is really not expensive for that what lookeen can do…

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