Outlook 2007 Calendar Printing Assistant

For those of you using Office/Outlook 2007, here’s a Microsoft add-on that hasn’t gotten much press … it’s called the Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook 2007 — or CPAO for short (kapow!).

After installing it, you might have trouble finding it — I certainly did. You won’t find it in Outlook. Instead, click on All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools and you will find the link for CPAO.

My take? For what it does, it does nicely. It gives you a variety of templates (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). But the level of customization available is very limited. In other words, it is not a replacement for those using Calendar Creator! But perhaps there will be a version 2.0. We can only hope!


4 thoughts on “Outlook 2007 Calendar Printing Assistant

  1. You should get a gold medal for posting this. I must have looked at 30 sites that tell me all about this fabulous program called Calendar Printing Assistant, but NOT ONE of them explained how to use it after I downloaded it. Thanks a million.

  2. OMG! This is so helpful. I have been struggled for 30 minutes trying to find how to open the assistant after downloading it. Thank you so much!

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