2007-12-22 "Let It Snow!"

Well as I check the weather this morning, here’s what I see for the forecast highs today: Seattle 38F, Sacramento 29F, Omaha 24F, Dallas 56F, New York 36F, New Orleans 63F, and Tampa 57F.

And for our non-US readers, we have: London 46F/7C, Munich 25F/-4C, Brussels 44F/7C, Sao Paulo 79F/26C, Sydney 66F/19C, Aukland 63F/17C, Singapore 79F/26C, Ottawa 27F/-3C, Edmonton 1F/-17C

You get the picture … it’s cold in most places, and warm in other places. But wherever we are, hopefully we have a chance to put a smile on someone’s face. So go out and do something nice for someone … surprise them!

And while we do it, we can be singing this favorite Christmas carol, Let It Snow. And here’s Andy Williams version of the song to listen.

Just Say No!
aka Let It Snow!

Oh the server’s been running fine now
But I’ve got this patch to load now
But since I didn’t backup last night
Let It Go! Let It Go! Just Say No!

My boss now wants to by an iPhone
And he wants to have it syncing
Though the commercials make it look so good
Let It Go! Let It Go! Just Say No!

When I finally leave tonight
How I’ll hate going out to the mall
All of the stores will be jammed up tight
With people wanting to buy it all

The server is slowly dying
And, I fear, I’m really not trying
I’d rather be at home right now
So Let It Go! Let It Go! Just Go Home!


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