Installing WHS behind SBS

This will be a two part blog. In this first section, just quick comments about setting up Windows Home Server (WHS). In a follow-up blog, I’ll identify what I did to make WHS accessible remotely, with SBS2003 / ISA2004 in the picture. Step 1: Setup and Installation This was fairly straight-forward. I took a 6 yr old Dell Dimension 4400 box with1 gb of memory and a 160gb hard drive. Since it only had a CD-Rom drive, I installed a new internal DVD drive. Installation time was approx 90 minutes as follows:– 30 minutes to do initial installation of WHS– 30 minutes … Continue reading Installing WHS behind SBS

WHS in house!

This will be the first of many blogs, I’m sure, about the Windows Home Server (WHS). Much like my initial attraction to SBS back in the year 2000, I believe WHS will make a significant impact, not only in home scenarios, but in SOHO environments. It’s only on version 1.0, but I expect to see many new features and add-ons coming to the marketplace in the upcoming years. For those new to the WHS arena, be sure to check out Microsoft’s WHS Forum. BTW, my first attempt at WHS will concert on running it behind an SBS2003 box. More later! -kw

IMF Filtering

In one of the public newsgroups recently, there was a discussion of IMF filtering internally generated admin email (alerts, performance reports, etc.). Steve Mills suggested adding the loopback IP address ( to the IP Accept List. Click here to go to the web page with full instructions. Meanwhile, here’s a summary of the steps: 1. From the Exchange System Manager open the properties for Global Settings | Message Delivery.2. Select the Connection Filtering property page3. Click on the Accept button4. Click on the Add button to specify the IPs for hosts whose emails are to be accepted without further Connection … Continue reading IMF Filtering

Windows Home Server – Clash of the Sexes?

In what I’m sure will be causing the most talk and controversy between the sexes since “Men are from Venus, Women are from Mars”, Microsoft has put out a series of “spoof” video commercials to hype the release of Windows Home Server. These videos were released in conjunction with the 2008 CES convention going on. See the videos for yourself. And remember, make it a great day!-kw

What’s running on my computer?

From the SysInternals group comes the latest version of AutoRuns (v9.01). It runs on both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows. It’s a zipped file. Simply download it and then extract it. No installation required – just run it from the directory created.