Windows 98 – Happy 10th Anniversary

I’m helping a friend who has very little discretionary income by cleaning up a computer her boss gave her. Talk about walking back in time! It’s an IBM Aptiva, 450Mhz AMD processor, with a whopping 64mb memory and a 56kbps dial up modem. It has an 8gb hard drive, and she has nearly 6gb free! Happy anniversary, Windows 98 … I’m glad to see you’re still chugging along. Even if you are unsupported, we still love ya! -kw

WHS Data Corruption followup

Endgaget posted “new” information about the data corruption problem with Windows Home Server. There are many replies posted at that site that would try to convince you that WHS is not only “not ready for prime time”, but possibly will never be ready for prime time. So, in the interest of keeping our heads cool and calm, understand that there are plenty of people (including myself) that are running WHS successfully. – If you’re running WHS on a single disk drive, you will not encounter this problem. And if you do have multiple disk drives,– If you are using WHS to backup your … Continue reading WHS Data Corruption followup

SBS2008 coming your way!

[Edited link]  At long last Microsoft officially announced today (20-Feb-2008) the Windows Essential Server Solutions, which includes Windows Small Business Server 2008 (for up to 50 users), and Windows Essential Business Server 2008 (for up to 250 users).

Xobni and Outlook

I just came across a new product, currently in beta, that turns Outlook into a “social networking tool”. Not only does it give you lightning fast email searches, but it brings a wealth of information that I certainly did not think possible, much less needed. Email analytics, extract phone numbers from emails, threaded conversations, quick attachment discovery, and on, and on, and on. They say a picture is wroth a thousand words … so check it out here: -kw

SBS2003, SP2 and ISA 2004

As a heads up … if you are installing SBS 2003 Premium with Windows Server SP2, your ISA 2004 installation may go belly-up. Steven Teiger just encountered such a situation: CEICW failed, and then upon restarting the SBS server, all of the ISA services failed. According to Eriq Neale, you need to do the following steps: 1. Install SBS with SP2 (do basic setup, without ISA)2. Disable ALL scalabale networking pieces. (Read Eriq’s detail step-by-step instructions here)3. Download ISA 2004 SP3, then install ISA 2004 followed by installing ISA 2004 SP3. In fact, if you were to run the SBS BPA … Continue reading SBS2003, SP2 and ISA 2004

Windows Update Kills IE on Vista?

This is from the “If the Shoe fits” department … apparently some people are having problems with IE on Windows Vista after applying the latest rounds of security updates (see Wired Blog Network for more information and workaround). It seems that KB 942615 may be at fault, although I did not experience the problem myself. -kw

WHS and A/V Alert

I had a nice surprise today while I was downloading and preparing to install Vista SP1 to my workstation. Normally I do not heed the warning to disable the antivirus program, but for some reason today I decided to do so. While Vista SP1 was busy installing, I turned to my WHS console and, lo and behold … I encountered the following critical alert message (click here). -kw

SBSMigration Conference 2008

Jeff’s 2008 SBSMigration Conference is set for May 9-11 in New Orleans, followed by with an optional 5 day cruise. Chris Rue has created a very nice 30 second video highlighting last year’s conference. Chris will be there. I will be there. What about you? -kw

WHS Web Site Links

Here’s a list of helpful web sites for Windows Home Server information. This will get you started … you’re on your own after this! Microsoft’s WHSWHS Microsoft ForumWHS Microsoft Team Blog Terry Walsh’ We Got (WHS) ServedPhilip Churchill’s WHS BlogI Hate LinuxRamblings of a Home Server User  


[Edited 2-15-2008]   I gave a 2 ½ hour presentation and demo on WHS to our local Tampa Bay SBS User Group. Plenty of good questions, several which I could not answer. I’m posting the feedback and responses I received on those questions in hopes it helps someone else. Thanks to everyone who either asked the question, or provided an answer!   1. In a clean WHS environment (no SBS, etc.), how is name resolution amongst workstations and server handled? Any performance issues? Ø  KW: UPnP for discovery, NetBIOS for most name resolution. Ø  CEK: WHS acts exactly like a standalone, … Continue reading WHS Q&A