WHS Data Corruption followup

Endgaget posted “new” information about the data corruption problem with Windows Home Server. There are many replies posted at that site that would try to convince you that WHS is not only “not ready for prime time”, but possibly will never be ready for prime time.

So, in the interest of keeping our heads cool and calm, understand that there are plenty of people (including myself) that are running WHS successfully.
– If you’re running WHS on a single disk drive, you will not encounter this problem.

And if you do have multiple disk drives,
– If you are using WHS to backup your workstations, you will not encounter this problem.
– If you are using WHS to store copies of your favorite photos, videos and music to share with your family, you will not encounter this problem.
– If you have a file you need to edit, and you first copy it to your workstation, then edit it, then copy it back to your WHS, you will not encounter this problem.

I may be over-simplifying the description of the problem, but the data corruption is essentially restricted to directly editing/modifying data files stored in the the WHS’ shared folders. If you have a photo stored on WHS, and you try to edit that file directly using Photoshop, you might corrupt the file.

In my view, WHS is still 1.0. I have no problems testing it and using it. If I need to install it in a live site, I will probably do so with a single hard drive until the problem has been resolved. 


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