Dell and resetting BIOS

People who know me, know that I don’t like hardware! I was working on a client’s computer (older Dell 8200) yesterday that wouldn’t boot up. I went ahead and put in a different hard drive. But every time I would boot it up, it would display the “Primary Hard Drive 1 Not Found”. I would go into BIOS, and it would show the drive. And if I pressed F1 from the error, the computer would go ahead and boot up. I messed around with the BIOS settings enought, that ultimately it was not booting at all, but coming up with a … Continue reading Dell and resetting BIOS

XP SP3 and MCE

As many know, Windows XP MCE by default does not allow you to join it to a domain. Variations of the infamous “Banana Hack” are available to allow MCE systems to join a domain. I posted about my experience here. What the banana hack does is to change the ‘IsLegacyMCE’ register key from ‘0’ to ‘1’. With XP SP3 set to release in a few days, I tried installing the XP SP3 RC2 to my babana-hacked XP MCE computer. The result was that after installing SP3, my computer went into a constant reboot loop. I was able to boot into Safe Mode, and … Continue reading XP SP3 and MCE