XP SP3 and MCE

As many know, Windows XP MCE by default does not allow you to join it to a domain. Variations of the infamous “Banana Hack” are available to allow MCE systems to join a domain. I posted about my experience here. What the banana hack does is to change the ‘IsLegacyMCE’ register key from ‘0’ to ‘1’.

With XP SP3 set to release in a few days, I tried installing the XP SP3 RC2 to my babana-hacked XP MCE computer. The result was that after installing SP3, my computer went into a constant reboot loop. I was able to boot into Safe Mode, and uninstall SP3, and then the computer booted up normally.

 Before uninstalling SP3, I did check the ‘IsLegacyMCE’ registery setting, and it was still set to ‘1’ – which means that installing SP3 does not overwrite that reg key. However, something else in SP3 is certainly stomping over the ability to let MCE join a domain.

So, at this point, XP SP3 is out for my MCE computers.


One thought on “XP SP3 and MCE

  1. You don’t mention what SP you’re currently running, but from the release notes of SP3 :-

    This issue affects Windows XP Media Center Edition 2002.

    If you install Windows XP SP3 on a computer running Windows XP Media Center Edition 2002 with SP1, Windows XP Media Center Edition may malfunction.

    To avoid this, install Windows XP SP2 before you install Windows XP SP3.

    If this issue has already occurred, uninstall Windows XP SP3, install Windows XP SP2, and then reinstall Windows XP SP3.

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