Windows Search 4 (WS4)

I never thought I would find myself recommending the Windows Desktop Search utility to anyone. But, perhaps with version 4, they finally are getting it right!  The prior version (Windows Desktop Search 3) is now named Windows Search 4. And this is from someone who used the Lookout product for years- that is until Microsoft bought the product, and tried to turn it into MSN Search. I then switched to Lookeen when I moved over to Vista and Office 2007 last year.  I’ve been running WS4 on my Vista SP1 box for all of 24 hours, but already I can say the improvement over the prior … Continue reading Windows Search 4 (WS4)

More on my TrendMicro WFBS Update

I upgraded my Trend CSM 3.6 to their new Worry-Fress Business Security (WFBS) Advance 5.0 solution for SBS, and like the hero from the movie The Rocketeer, I can say, “I like it!”. Without even digging into all the new features, I can say that the spam filtering is much improved, and the Trend console seems snappier and more responsive. The console interface otherwise is the same as before, except with a fresh, up-to-date look to it. On the new feature side, they have a new ‘location awareness’ settings for laptops that move around inside and outside the office that I … Continue reading More on my TrendMicro WFBS Update

Trend Micro renames/enhances CSM

For those of you using Trend Micro’s Clent Server Messaging (CSM) suite for your SBS servers, you should know that Trend Micro on June 2, 2008 recently rebranded the CSM product to “Worry-Free Business Security Advanced (WFBS)” and released version 5.0.  If you are using CSM 3.5/3.6 and are under maintenance, you can upgrade to WFBS Advanced at no charge.. Upgrading to WFBS will preserve all your current CSM configuration parameters. Click here for instructions from Trend Micro on how to upgrade to WFBS. To download the WFBS Advance installation file (768MB), click here. I’ll post back after I’ve installed it on my test server. … Continue reading Trend Micro renames/enhances CSM