More on my TrendMicro WFBS Update

I upgraded my Trend CSM 3.6 to their new Worry-Fress Business Security (WFBS) Advance 5.0 solution for SBS, and like the hero from the movie The Rocketeer, I can say, “I like it!”. Without even digging into all the new features, I can say that the spam filtering is much improved, and the Trend console seems snappier and more responsive. The console interface otherwise is the same as before, except with a fresh, up-to-date look to it.

On the new feature side, they have a new ‘location awareness’ settings for laptops that move around inside and outside the office that I want to try on my laptop. This version also supports Windows Home Server.

The inplace upgrade went very smooth. I simply downloaded and installed WFBS Advance right over my current CSM 3.6 setup. One word of caution: I was installing this via an RDP connection to my SBS server, and perhaps three times during the installation process, it will appear that your RDP connection has been disconnected. Don’t do anything – it will resume on its own.


One thought on “More on my TrendMicro WFBS Update

  1. It appears the TM installer breaks the network connection more than once during the install. (That explains your RDP issue.)

    We did the install on a domain controller/print server box with a 2-NIC Broadcom Team. Both network cards got disabled during the install, the team died and did not recover. We had to reboot and users were affected.

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