Microsoft OfficeLive eBooks

Microsoft has two eBooks (PDF format) that are available for download:

Build A Website That Sells

Take, Manage, and Grow Your Business Online
Microsoft Office Live Small Business and Entrepreneur Magazine are committed to helping entrepreneurs start and nurture their businesses by providing solutions that can be put into action immediately. Get your free copy of “Build A Website That Sells: 10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Website.” This 54-page downloadable e-book in PDF format includes tips, techniques, and tools to help you design an effective and engaging Web site.

Microsoft OfficeLive Small Business

Microsoft Office Live Small Business services basically is a set of Internet tools that can help small businesses owner setup and get an online business up and running quickly and easily– all you need is a computer and an Internet connection. Over the Microsoft Office Live Small Business eBook, small business owner can understand more about Microsoft Office Live Small Business internet tools and how to use Microsoft Office Live small business internet tools to build your e-business online. Meanwhile, this ebook also teach how to do online marketing to boost your business over the web. if you interest build your online business with Office Live Small business services, you can download this Microsoft Office Live Small Business eBook (in PDF) first and understand their services. However, the free eBook is available until October 19, 2008 only.

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