SBS2008 – Get on the Bandwagon!

I arrived home last night at 9pm after attending a week long in-depth training session on the new Windows SBS 2008 Server platform. My interest level in SBS 2008 might have been described as lukewarm, at best, prior to this week. But now I can’t wait to get some customers on board with this latest version of SBS.

As I write this post, I’m thinking of the scene in The Music Man, where all the town folk are lined up along the side of the street in anticipation of the Wells Fargo Wagon arriving bringing the brand new band instruments. And the anticipation builds and builds!

I see this SBS 2008 release in a similar light to convincing the people in the town of River City, Iowa to invest in the purchase of band instruments for their children. SBS 2008 may look like just another server release without a lost of sizzle and “wow” factors on the outside. But once you touch it, hold it, and start working with it, there are many things that will catch your interest, and perhaps say, “Wow, this is exactly what my customer has been asking for!”.

What are some of those “Wow” factors?

Well, you’re going to have to stay tuned for further posts from me this week to see my list of “Wow” factors. Meanwhile, you can start humming along: “Oh, oh, the Wells Fargo wagon is a-coming down the street…”

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