ThirdTier Press Release

Two great friends and fellow MVP’s – Amy Babinchak and Eriq Neale – have combined forces to start ThirdTier, a new business venture providing support to the IT professionals in the SMB marketplace. Here is their press release:

Eriq Neale and I have launched a new company today. It’s called Third Tier. The company formalizes the remote support services that we have both been offering from some time. We will be adding subject matter experts to cover a wide variety of software in use today at the SMB.

Support Services for IT Professionals


Press Release

Contact: Amy Babinchak

Phone: (248) 890-1794


October 3, 2008

IT Support Services for Professionals

Royal Oak, MI, October 3, 2008:  Amy Babinchak and Eriq Neale, MS MVP’s, Authors and Speakers,  have teamed up in a new business venture to provide remote support services to IT professionals. By formalizing and centralizing the remote support services of highly skilled professionals across a wide range of products will be the place where IT professionals turn to when they need assistance to resolve that tough problem for their client. Third Tier will also offer SMB focused vendors the solution to the difficult problem of supporting a wide variety of skill sets in the SMB market space, thus making it easier for them to offer their products to small business customers.

·         Central location for IT Professionals to contract experts on a wide variety of technologies to remotely assist in problem resolution.

·         Experts providing vendors the solution to product support in the SMB market space.



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