SBS2008 WOW Fact #3

So, you’re happy that OWA (WOW Fact #1) and RWW (WOW Fact #2) are improved in SBS 2008. But, now you’re wondering: Is there anything else in this release that will get my attention, or more importantly, my customer’s attention, or drive a new sale of SBS 2008?

For me, one of the new WOW features in SBS 2008 is the ability to generate, purchase and install a third-party SSL certificate directly from the SBS 2008 console. With SBS 2003, installing a third-party cert was a series of manual steps, but with SBS 2008 it is all done inside a wizard. Start the wizard, select a name, select a certificate vendor, enter a credit card number, and Voila!, you have an installed SSL cert and access to your server via a URL. Click here to learn how to use the SSL Certificate Wizard in SBS 2008.

Yes, SBS 2008 still allows you to create a free self-issued certificate (click here to learn how to distribute an SBS 2008 self-signed cert). But for less than $20 you can get yourself a trusted SSL certificate that works with your mobile devices and eliminates those certificate warning messages your users will see with a self-issued cert.

Why is this important? Security! This is letting your customers know that securiing their server is a vital part of the design of SBS 2008. And whether it is accessing it via remote email, sharepoint, or RWW, they will know they are doing so within a secured connection.


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