SBS2008 WOW Fact #4

OK, this one is for all you SBS administrators who spend time making sure the workstations and servers are updated with critical updates and service packs. Perhaps you’re like me, and tried using WSUS 2.0 with SBS 2003, but were not thrilled with the work required to review and schedule updates. Or perhaps you tried WSUS 3.0 when it came out, but still weren’t sold on using it. Or maybe you tried cutting your teeth on the product, and finally gave up because of the lack of time.

Well, the good news is that in SBS 2008 we have a much better user interface and integration with WSUS 3.0 (now SP1), and the whole process is down-right simple. Server updates are automatically downloaded and you, as the administrator are notified so you can review and release updates on your schedule. By default, workstation updates are automatically downloaded and installed. But it’s a simple click of a check box if you wish to manage and approve updates for release.

The WOW factor for me is that WSUS with SBS 2008 is a time saver for me. And time is everything! Since it comes built into SBS 2008, I am not wasting my time trying to get it installed and configured, or spend time searching through the various newsgroup posts on problems and issues. It also saves me time because it just works, and is easy for me to review on a regular basis, and complete my work in short order.

As they say in the commercial, “Try it … you’ll like it!”


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