Will my computer support SBS 2008?

SBS 2008, as you know, will only run on a 64 bit platform. But there’s more processor terminology out there than I can keep up with. We have Xeon, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo, Quad this, Quad that. Makes you wonder what happened to Core Single? And then you wonder if your system will support virtualization (Hyper-V in Microsoft’s world).

If you have had to ask yourself whether a machine you are working on is capable of supporting SBS 2008, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Steve Gibson, from Gibson Research, has a great little tool caled SecurAble – it will tell you whether you computer is (a) 64 bit, (b) if hardware DEP is enabled, and (c) if it will support virtualization. It’s easy to run, and easy to interpret. And if you want even more information on your processor and system, check out CPU-Z. This is another free little utility. Nothing to install … simply unzip it and run the included .exe file.




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