MailFoundry and the small user

You can call me slow, you can call me old.
You can call me what you will, you can call me over the hill.

But it’s still nice to discover something new … and free! This post is for those of you with small users (10 or less employees).

I know that MailFoundry has been around for quite awhile, but I never had a reason to look for a anti-spam solution until this past week. I have a customer (non-SBS) who uses the local Outlook junk mail filter for his office, and it works reasonably well. However, he also has his emails coming to his phone – and his phone gets all the junk and spam mail.

So, in checking out solutions, I discovered that MailFoundry currently offers free spam/virus filtering for up to 10 mail boxes! I signed the customer up, updated my MX records to point to Mail Foundry, and have been running a test with one mail client (the president of the company, of course). In the first few hours of running it, out of 151 incoming messages, it blocked 141, and not one was a false positive. it blocked 141 of a possible 151 messages.

One thought on “MailFoundry and the small user

  1. I have just recently implemented a MailFoundry 1150 on our network. In first 17 days of operation it has caught over 19,000 out of a possible 24,000 messages. This is the best product out there IMHO.

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