Uninstalling Forefront Security (FSE) from SBS 2008

In a previous blog post, I provided instructions for uninstalling Live OneCare (Server) from SBS 2008. That was pretty straightforward. If you wish to also uninstall the 120 day trial of Forefront Security for Exchange (FSE), there’s a preliminary step you must perform. If you try to simply uninstall FSE, you will get a warning message saying that you need to first manually stop all Exchange services and the FSE administrator, and then the uninstall process terminates.

So, here’s what you do:

1. Click on Start > Administrative Tools > Services, and then locate and stop the FSCController service, which will also stop the Exchange Transport Service and the Exchange Information Store Service.

2. Then go to Control Panel > Programs and Features, click to highlight Forefront Security for Exchange Server, and then click uninstall.

3. After FSE is uninstalled, you will be required to reboot your server.

Note: After uninstalling FSE, you may find that a Microsoft Forefront Security subfolder with some files and a Quarantine folder still remains within the Program Files (x86) folder. If you are not planning on reinstalling FSE, you may safely delete this Microsoft Forefront Security folder and its contents.

2 thoughts on “Uninstalling Forefront Security (FSE) from SBS 2008

  1. I found that you had to be super quick with stopping the services, as the Information Store kept autostarting…..
    So I used two windows.. one to stop the Exchange services, and a command prompt that did a pskill of the FSCController

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