Facebook add-in to Outlook

I opened up a Facebook account earlier this year. You can imagine the shock on my daughter’s face when she discovered that Dad had a Facebook account!

So, I’ve used it and like many of the social networking features. However, it’s not second nature to me to logon to Facebook to update my status or see new posts. So, I just discovered a free Facebook add-in to Outlook called FBLook.

This product is certainly in it’s infancy, but it already makes it easier for me to do two things (see screenshot here):

  • I can update my Facebook status directly from the Outlook toolbar. That’s great, because I don’t have to open another window and login to accomplish this task.
  • It gives me a drop down list within Outlook to easily read the lastest posts from my friends. I can then click on one of those posts from wthin Outlook and it will open up Facebook so I can post a reply.

Give it a try. It works with both Outlook 2003/2007.

2 thoughts on “Facebook add-in to Outlook

  1. Trevor, This plugin is meant to handle both the Facebook comments and notification of new comments via email. It uses the WordPress comments form as an indicator for where to place the Facebook comments plugin. I don’t know if it would conflict with other Facebook comments plugins or not. It was built to be self-sufficient.You can get more Facebook Tips :- http://socialeum.com

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