Kaspersky Lockup Solved

So, this is a bit off the SBS highway. I started using Kaspersky’s 2009 Internet Security Suite for many of my non-server (family and friends) clients. I like it a lot. But a couple of times recently, I had an issue where Kaspersky would lock up while I was trying to use it or install it. In each case, once it locked up, I could do nothing but stop it from task manager.

 remember many years ago when I did a lot of software debugging to always reduce a problem down to its Lowest Cost Denominator (LCD).

Well, I finally had time to do that today, and determined that the LCD in this case was LogMeIn! In each case where I had Kaspersky locking up on me, I was connected to the computer remotely through LogMeIn. The solution was to add LogMeIn.exe to Kaspersky’s Trusted Site and click on the option to not have it control application activity. I believe I saw posts where a similar lockup occurs with the VNC-type remote access software.

Hope this helps!

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