Vista Sidebar survey

Just a quick survey directed to those folks running Windows Vista: Do you enable and use a sidebar? If so, do you use the Vista sidebar? Or do you use one from another vendor (Google, Yahoo, etc.)? What sidebar apps/gadgets do you find most useful or helpful?

Here are some early responses from some of my SBS friends:

“Using Vista Sidebar with Google tool add-in … mostly so that the format of the Applicaiton is forced back to a usable 3:4 ratio”

“Vista. I use a full month calendar, and the weather gadget. Starting a week or two before traveling, I add another weather gadget or my destination. This will be much more useful in Windows 7 with “aero peek:. It’s annoying that the Vista “show desktop” hides the sidebar as well as the app windows, but I usually just hit win+spacebar to bring the sidebar to the top”

“Vista sidebar, plus a couple of RSS gadgets and the weather gadget are floating about the desktops. XM gadget too.”

“I use clock when travelling. I configure it for the time zone of my destination. I was using something called Magic Folder. Loved it but they ran into some bugs and pulled it.[:(] “

“Vista sidebar. Local timezone clock, CPU meter, weather, Office tips & tricks. Additional clocks for GMT, India and Sydney are at 60% opacity, and at the bottom of the sidebar.”

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