Backup fails after bare-metal restore (SBS 2008)

I had a situation today where I had to reformat & reconfigure the raid drives for an SBS 2008 server. That part went fine, and doing a bare-metal restore of the server from the scheduled SBS 2008 daily USB backup went flawlessly. After we brought the server back online, I attempted to do a new full backup, but the backup failed with the following error: Creation of the shared protection point timed out. Unknown error (0x81000101)

A quick Internet search found KB 956136 (“If calls to VSS management interface API’s are made…”). Now, the title of this KB article may not sound like it is applicable to any problems with performing a backup. But the details of the article includes this statement:

For example, assume that you perform a Bare Metal Restore (BMR) for a Windows Small Business Server (Windows SBS) 2008-based system. Then, you use Windows Server Backup (WSB) to perform a backup operation after the BMR operation. In this situation, the first attempt fails and generates the following error message: Creation of the shared protection point timed out. Unknown error (0x81000101)

Sounds like my situation! And sure enough, running the backup later in the day worked perfectly. Hope this helps someone!

3 thoughts on “Backup fails after bare-metal restore (SBS 2008)

  1. I have the same problem on SBS 2008 but on the original installation :((
    I kan not find any solution

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