Windows Mobile and DST

I can’t believe it’s 2009 and we still have issues with DST and calendar items! Several of us just discovered (here on Feb-10-2009) that an event we are entering for August 2009 in Outlook 2007 is showing up an hour earlier on our WM6.1 phones. I’ve downloaded the latest WM/DST patch and installed it on my WM6.1 phone, but appointments are still showing up an hour earlier. I tried rebooting the phone, but no change. AFAIK, Outlook and my Exchange/SBS 2003 box are up to snuff with patches.

Very frustrating …

One thought on “Windows Mobile and DST

  1. I have an Telstra HTC Touch Dual which has latest microsoft dst patch but all outlook appointments are mixed (some correct, some not). Can anyone assist with ideas. I have set time to +11 which fixes some appointments puts others out

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