Windows 7 Tips

OK … so I just installed Windows 7 Beta for the first time on Friday, but I already like what I see! The new installation on my Vostro 1510 laptop went smoothly. And already I have discovered several new things that caught my attention, such as:

  • Certainly initial boot up is faster, and Win 7 “seems” more responsive than Vista
  • What used to be called ‘Shared Computer Toolkit’ is now built into Win 7, and called PC Safeguard. This allows you to define a user account for perhaps a training room environment. User logs on, does stuff (creates files, make changes, etc,). But once the user logs off, all changes are discarded and you are back to your pre-established environment for that user!
  • Directly mount Virtual PC VHD files
  • Burn ISO images without relying on a 3rd party tool
  • Press Win+P to switch to an external video output, like a projector
  • I’ve already tested versions of Kaspersky A/V and LogMeIn for Win7

I think I’m going to have fun with Windows 7. This may make me change my mind and encourage people to buy Vista now, so that they can upgrade to Windows 7 once it is release. Cool!

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