Hot Fixes for Outlook 2007 Now Available

For those using Outlook2007, two new hotfixes are now available that address specific speed and performance issues as well as a variety of other issues. Hotfixes, by nature, come with some warnings on their use.  Hot fix 961752 and Hot fix 967688

Note #1: If you have never requested a hot fix from Microsoft, or it has been years since you have, you will be pleased to find that the process is quite fast and efficient. No longer do you need to even call Microsoft to request a hot fix!

Simply click on the links above to open up a new window with information on the hot fix. In the upper left of the window will be a clickable link” ‘View and request hotfix downloads’. Click on the link, enter your email address twice plus a security code and within five minutes you will receive an email containing a link to download the hotfix and a required password. The password is only good for a certain number of days (7 days maximum), so it is best that you download the hotfix as soon as you receive the email from Microsoft.

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