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I’ve blogged previously about Exchange 2003 IMF (Intelligent Message Filter). One of the somewhat hidden features of Exchange 2003 and IMF is the ability to implement a custom weighting feature via an XML file. This feature first came out in IMF v2. has a good article on how to implement the custom weighting feature of IMF.

However, there has always been a small issue with using the custom weighting feature — the custom XML file that you create has to be put inside a specific subfolder. The problem is that when Microsoft releases an update to IMF, the installation process creates a new sub folder automatically. However, the XML file is NOT autoimatically copied to the new folder.

What to do? Until recently, one had to remember to manually copy your XML file from the old folder to the new folder.

But now, Oliver Sommer (SBS/EBS MVP from Germany) has developed a free utility (Exchange Custom Weighting Feature XML Updater) that installs on your your server (works great with SBS 2003) and automatically copies your custom XML file to the new folder whenever a new IMF update has been installed. I’ve been personally running various beta and early versions of this utility successfully for more than a year.

Give it a try.

And if you like it, even though Oliver is offering the utiity for free, you may want to give him a small donation via PayPal. And while you are at his site, check out his Wake on Lan for SBS 2003 RWW utility!


4 thoughts on “Free Utility for Exchange Custom Filter

  1. Hm, I’ve had 3 unrelated Exchange servers running IMF v2 with their XML files under the MSCFV2 folder (rather than any of the version subfolders). One’s been doing that for over 2 years. Am I just lucky?

  2. Have you tested to see if your custom filtering is picking is working? My understanding is that the XML file has to be in the sub directory.

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