Introduction to Windows Server 2008 Foundation

I previously blogged on April 1st about the new entry level Windows Server that Microsoft just released — Windows Server 2008 Foundation (WSF). Microsoft has now published a new paper called Introduction to Windows Server 2008 Foundation. WSF is NOT intended to be a “baby” version of SBS. Rather, it is a Windows 2008 Server limited to 15 users. It’s designed to be sold into an existing very small business that is currently running a peer-to-peer (workgroup) network. There’s no Exchange on it. Enjoy!

New Entry Level Windows 2008 Server

Microsoft announced today (April 1, 2009) a new entry level version of Windows 2008 Server – called Foundations. And this ain’t no April Fool’s joke. It will support a maximum of 15 users. Read more in their press release.