WHS and the Acer Aspire easyStore H340

Talk about a deal too good to refuse! Acer recently came out with their WHS server, that competes straight up with the HP MediaSmart Server. For the rest of this post, I will refer to it as the ‘easyStore’. A week ago I stumbled on a deal through NCIX (USA) that was offering the easyStore for $399, with a 1TB drive and 2GB memory, and for a limited time was throwing in a second 1TB drive. I jumped at the chance. And it arrived by FedEx this afternoon.

Within 30 minutes I had it unboxed, powered up, installed the WHS connector to my Win7 laptop and now running a full backup. A few random thoughts:

  • It comes with a real honest-to-goodness printed manual (in 6 languages)!
  • Astethics of the external box is very nice. Black color, USB port in front, 4 more in the back along with an Ethernet port
  • System started up and was up and running without a hitch or issue. I like that!
  • WHS PowerPack 1 is already installed on it. Be sure to get Power Pack 2 installed on it!

What’s new or different with the easyStore versus HP?

  • The easyStore comes with an IP Configuration tool to adjust the server’s IP settings. Since this works from the rmeote WHS console, you no longer need to access the server via Remote Desktop to make such changes.
  • Acer has implemented a one-touch USB backup. What you may say? Simply put, plug in a USB drive that contains various media files and press the USB button. The easyStore will automatically copy all the files on that USB drive to the Public shared folder on the server, and automatically place each file in it’s appropriate sub folder (Music, Photo, Video)! How cool is that. You no longer have to logon to the WHS console in order to access the USB drive and copy files.
  • The easyStore comes with a 6 month subscription to McAfee’s Total Protection software pre-installed
  • The easyStore also comes with the WHS Lights Out addon that allow you to suspend or wake up the server at specific times, such as when its time to backup workstations.
  • The easyStore also comes with Digital Media Server (DMS) and an iTunes Server.

For a more in-depth review, along with pscreenshots, check out Andrew Edney’s blog post on the Acer easyStore.

Once my first backup is completed, I’ll test adding the second drive to this server and report on my findings!

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