WHS – Now ready for Business PrimeTime?

One of the knocks on Windows Home Server (WHS) is that it contains the word ‘Home’ in its name. If that issue has kept you from selling or installing WHS in businesses, then check out the news from HP — they have released WHS with a new name: HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault

The equipment is almost identical to their HP MediaSmart Server models, except with a faster processor, and SKU’s with larger (1TB and 1.5TB drives) in them.

I install WHS in all my business client offices — even those with SBS servers. Are you?

2 thoughts on “WHS – Now ready for Business PrimeTime?

  1. Are you backing up the SBS server to the WHS boxes using the connector? Seems like I read somewhere once that doing so wasn’t a good idea. Do you have any experience to share about doing those kinds of backups?

  2. I really like the idea of using a Home Server with SBS 2008 – is there a known issue with using Home Server on a domain?

    Be grateful for insight.

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