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Amongst all the Windows 7 activity, you may have missed the news that Microsoft released their latest free consumer level anti-virus / anti-crapware solution, named Microsoft Security Essentials. I’ve started installing it on some consumer systems to see how it performs.

But it got me to thinking about prior antivirus offerings that Microsoft has released. So, I put together a short list.  Hmmm .. wonder what was going on in the years between1994 and 2003!

1993: MSAV – Microsoft Anti-Virus for DOS, originally developed by Central Point
1994: MWAV – Microsoft Anti-Virus for Windows, also developed by Central Point
2003: Microsoft purchases antivirus software from GeCad and Pelican
2005: Microsoft AntiSpyware – based on code from Giant Antispyware
2006: Windows Defender – Microsoft renamed Microsoft Antispyware to Windows Defender
2007: Windows Live OneCare
2009: MSE – Microsoft Security Essentials, codename Morrow

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  1. It took 16 years to get it home user solution right. And they still can’t get the enterprise solution out the door – ForeFront keeps getting delayed.

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