Daily Reflections – Jan 04 2010

I haven’t decided how often I will do this, but I thought to myself: “Myself, why don’t you blog a bit about what you do as an I.T. & Microsoft MVP professional here in Tampa, Florida”. Yeh, it sounds a lot like Julie-Julia. I will try to stear clear of politics, taxes, religion and recommended movies (although the Julie-Julia movie was REALLY good!). And, as the song goes … “Promises, promies, I’m all through with  promises…”.

So, after the ball dropped to welcome in 2010, I was anxiously awaiting the email from Microsoft to indicate whether or not I was approved to be an MVP for this coming year. That email arrived at 8:51AM (Florida time). This is my 7th consecutive year as an MVP, but nothing is ever a given. As Microsoft writes: “This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in Small Business Server technical communities during the past year.

As I reflected on privileged I have been to be selected as a Microsoft MVP for seven years, I had several thoughts. One was: what was I going to do to raise the bar and be a better MVP this year? The second was: how can I grow my business this year? These two thoughts do not specifically overlap each other. Being MVP may help get some business, but customer relationship is key. And having a successful I.T. business in no way guarantees that I will be an MVP next year.

Ok, that;s all the time I have … back to cleaning up viruses from a new customer’s computer! Until next time, here’s to a happy and successful 2010 to everyone!



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