Cleaning up Malware

When cleaning up crapware from a workstation, my two primary “go to” solutions are Microsoft Security Essentials and MalwareBytes. I will run these both logged in as the user, as will run quick scans initially. If it finds enough things, I will then reboot into Safe Mode, login as the administrator, and run full scans until nothing is found.

Today, I had a computer that Malwarebytes and MSE both identified and cleaned up issues on. However, soemthing just didn’t seem right, and the computer was still acting — can I say — wierd? I decided to download SuperAntiSPyware, as  I know plenty of people rely on it. Guess what? It found another 146 issues on this computer!

Yes, I know some of you will tell me to flatten this computer and reload Windows from scratch. And I may do so. Right now, I’m  interested in trying to learn what things each of these solutions will find or not find.

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