WordPress 3.0

WordPress released version 3.0 earlier this month, and I’m just now starting to test it and check out its features.

I do not consider myself an expert web designer. However, I have create wed sites for customers over the last ten years. And I have always relied on Web site development tools. Early on, it was a product called Trellix, a software product developed by Dan Bricklin, the inventor of Visicalc. Later, Trellix was sold to Globalscape and renamed Cute SiteBuilder. I was heavily involved in providing technical support for this product (see CSBSupport.com), Several years later, Globalscape decided to discontinue the product, but I continued to use it for existing sites.

Over a year ago, I decided to check out other web development solutions, both free and $$$ versions. I tried Joomla for awhile, but never quite got the hang of it. I eventually settled on WordPress, and overall, have been very happy with it, even though several of my MVP peers do not recommend Wordpress because of the ease of code developersa to write PHP insecure copde. But that’s for another post!

Meanwhile, if you are interested, check out the WordPress 3.0 blog post, which includes a video of the new features.


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