New Microsoft Forums

In case you missed it, the old Microsoft newsgroups are being replaced by the new Microsoft Web Forums. For Small Business Server (SBS), we have a single Small Business Server forum that will be used for SBS2003 and SBS2008 issues. So come on over and check it out!

Dot Com is 25 years old today!

Was it really 25 years ago that the first registered domain name ( happened? What a trivia question. There is a web site (naturally called that celebrates this occasion.

Pi Day! Song

March 14th is ithe official holiday for Pi! I wish I could take credit for the following, but I cannot. It comes from CNN and Elizabeth Landau – Pi is the ratio of circumference to diameter of a circle. Celebrate it on Saturday, March 14!  In honor of Pi Day, March 14 (because it’s 3/14, like 3.14), I came up with the basis for this song, inspired by Don McClean’s 1971 song “American Pie,” when I was in high school. Feel free sing along with that tune. American Piby Elizabeth Landau A long, long time ago, it was one … Continue reading Pi Day! Song

Daily Reflections – Jan 04 2010

I haven’t decided how often I will do this, but I thought to myself: “Myself, why don’t you blog a bit about what you do as an I.T. & Microsoft MVP professional here in Tampa, Florida”. Yeh, it sounds a lot like Julie-Julia. I will try to stear clear of politics, taxes, religion and recommended movies (although the Julie-Julia movie was REALLY good!). And, as the song goes … “Promises, promies, I’m all through with  promises…”. So, after the ball dropped to welcome in 2010, I was anxiously awaiting the email from Microsoft to indicate whether or not I was approved to be an MVP for this … Continue reading Daily Reflections – Jan 04 2010

2010 Daily Reflections

On Jan 1, 2010 I received my email from Microsoft announcing that I was selected (again) as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for the Small Business Server. This is my 7th year for this award, and every year it is both am honor to be so acknowledged, and at the same time a mystery. A mystery? People ask me: what do I need to do to become an MVP? I tell them to just be themselves. I’ve never done anything more than that myself. That’s why it’s a mystery to me … that somehow the effort I put into supporting, … Continue reading 2010 Daily Reflections

Windows 7 Upgrade Paths

If you are interested in upgrading your Vista computer to Windows 7, here are the supported upgrade scenarios: From Windows Vista (SP1, SP2) Upgrade to Windows 7 Business Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate Enterprise Enterprise Home Basic Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate Home Premium Home Premium, Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate

Microsoft Latest Antivirus Solution

Amongst all the Windows 7 activity, you may have missed the news that Microsoft released their latest free consumer level anti-virus / anti-crapware solution, named Microsoft Security Essentials. I’ve started installing it on some consumer systems to see how it performs. But it got me to thinking about prior antivirus offerings that Microsoft has released. So, I put together a short list.  Hmmm .. wonder what was going on in the years between1994 and 2003! 1993: MSAV – Microsoft Anti-Virus for DOS, originally developed by Central Point1994: MWAV – Microsoft Anti-Virus for Windows, also developed by Central Point2003: Microsoft purchases antivirus software from GeCad and Pelican2005: Microsoft AntiSpyware – based … Continue reading Microsoft Latest Antivirus Solution

Upgrade to Windows 7 in 3 Easy Steps!

I have been testing and doing presentations on Windows 7 for over 6 months. With Windows 7 officially release, it was time for me to step up to the plate, and move my production workstation over to Windows 7. This is the same workstation that I wrote about two years ago when I made the switch from XP to Vista. So last night I took the plunge and did an in-place upgrade (IPU) of my Vista Ultimate desktop to Windows 7 Ultimate. Yes, I know there are those who will say that a wipe and clean is the only way … Continue reading Upgrade to Windows 7 in 3 Easy Steps!

Are You Ready For Some Windows 7?

Windows 7 hits the street today. Find out if your PC is ready for Windows 7 by running the free Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor from Microsoft. If your computer is already running Windows Vista, it should run Windows 7. And there are many reports of people doing successful in-place upgrades of Vista to Windows 7.

Windows 7 – In Place Upgrade?

With the official release of Windows 7 just a day away, many will be asking: can or should I do an in-place upgrade (IPU) from Vista to Windows 7? Based on recent comments and feedbacks from many of my fellow MVP’s, I can summarize my answer as follows: 1. Everyone agrees that doing a clean reload of Windows 7 is always preferred over an in-place upgrade.2. However, there is also a strong concensus that an in-place upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 works very, very well Some words to the wise: 1. Be sure to do a full image backup of your system beforehand. … Continue reading Windows 7 – In Place Upgrade?