WHS – Now ready for Business PrimeTime?

One of the knocks on Windows Home Server (WHS) is that it contains the word ‘Home’ in its name. If that issue has kept you from selling or installing WHS in businesses, then check out the news from HP — they have released WHS with a new name: HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault!  The equipment is almost identical to their HP MediaSmart Server models, except with a faster processor, and SKU’s with larger (1TB and 1.5TB drives) in them. I install WHS in all my business client offices — even those with SBS servers. Are you?

Viva Las Vegas!

Harry Brelsford, CEO & President of SMB Nation, performed as Elvis at the recently concluded SMB Nation 2009 Fall conference. [View:http://www.kwsupport.com/videos/SMBNation2009_0003.wmv:350:0]

Why Small Businesses use Windows SBS?

Microsoft’s Small Business Server (SBS) has been a mainstay of my business for 8 years, and it is what I propose and install for my clients. If you are interested in using SBS for your small business, be sure to read the following blog post entitled: Why Small Businesses Use Windows Small Business Server?

WHS & SBS: Approved for Backups

For more than a year I have been promoting the use of Windows Home Server as a local backup solution in a Small Business Server (SBS2003/SBS2008) environment (per these two blogs: blog1 , blog2). I already have WHS installed at most of my SBS customer sites. It now seems as if Microsoft is now willing to say “Yes” — that using WHS to backup your workstations and servers is a viable and supported scenario!  Read more on Microsoft’s Technet site.

SBS without Exchange?

I hear it all the time … my customer wants an SBS server, but they don’t want to use Exchange. I don’t know about you, but the only reason I can think of why either the customer or the IT consultant would suggest not using Exchange is because they’ve never used it themselves, and therefore are scared that it’s too difficult to install or manage. I have installed SBS servers for almost 9 years. I barely know how to spell Exchange, yet I find Exchange very easy to manage. But, if you still need convincing, here is a short list of … Continue reading SBS without Exchange?

2009-08-04 He’s a Real Nowhere Man

Ok, so it’s been a long time between songs. Life does stay busy, doesn’t it? That’s why this song seems very appropriate. It was inspired by a recent post on Virtual PC and Windows 7. With a tip of the hat to Dana! He’s a real virtual man, Sitting in his virtual land, Connecting to his virtual lans For nobody.   Doesn’t have a physical view, Knows not where he’s loaded to, Isn’t he a bit like you and me?   Virtual man, please listen, You’re not real, just emulatin’, Virtual man, the world is at your command.   He’s … Continue reading 2009-08-04 He’s a Real Nowhere Man

SMB Nation 2009 – Alumni Early Bird

Are you planning to go to SMB Nation in Las Vegas this year? If so, and you’ve attended a past SMB Nation conference, the special “Alumni” registration fee of $499 ends on July 31, 2009. That’s a 50% discount off the regular $999 registration fee. Conference dates are Oct 2-4, 2009. See you in Vegas!

WHS Business Opportunities

If you are a Microsoft Partner, there will be a 5W/50 webinar entitled “Business Opportunities with Windows Home Server – Updated with PowerPack 2 Content” today at noon (EDT) given by Grey Lancaster and Kevin Royalty. If you think WHS is only for homes, then you’re still thinking within the box! WHS is a perfect fit with SBS 2003/2008.

IT Pro Tiki Tour – Tampa/Lakeland

Blain Barton, Microsoft’s Southeast IT Pro Evangelist, will be bringing his Spring Tiki Tour to the Tampa area on June 4th, 2009 (6p-9p) at the Polk Community College in Lakeland. Topics include: Moving to the Modern OS Roadmap, Windows Security, and Windows 7. I will be doing the Windows 7 presentation. (Yes, food is included!) Space is limited. As of Tuesday 5/26, we already have 165 registered. Click here to register and for more information. Hope to see you there!