Sharepoint Search not working

If you are running Sharepoint with SQL (not WMSDE), you’re supposed to be able to perform full text searchies. If searching is not working for you, make sure it’s enabled. Here’s how: 1. Click Start > Administrative Tools > Sharepoint Central Administration.2. Scroll down to the Component Configuration section3. Click on the Configure full text search link4. Click the box to enable full text search5. Click OK, and then wait several seconds while it updates.

SBS2003 – Required Ports

This information comes from the Microsoft “Securing your SBS2003 Network” document, which can be found at: Services and TCP Port Numbers Service TCP Port Number Inbound Access Recommendations E-mail 25 Allow if you are using Exchange to receive Internet e-mail. Web server 80 (required for HTTP requests for your site) and 443 (required for HTTPS requests using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which secures communications from your server and a Web browser) Allow if users on the Internet need to access specific Web-site services on your server. Web-site services that use port 80 and/or port 443 include the following: -Microsoft® … Continue reading SBS2003 – Required Ports

Generating web cert for other sites on the server

DonDinCT asked this great question on the NG: “When I generate a certificate for my server during installation, does it only work for the default web site ?  Do I need to create a seperate certificate for each web site that I add ?” And John gave this equally great response: The certificate is automatically added to the companyweb and default web sites. You can manually add it to others if you would like. If you want to add the existing one: Right click on the site and go to properties Go to security tab Click the server certificate button … Continue reading Generating web cert for other sites on the server

Recreate Virtual IIS directories

This post comes via Ray and Damian at Microsoft, via Les! Sometimes, things just get so screwed up that you want to re-create the virtual directories. I know the feeling. Thanks to Ray Fong and Damian Leibaschoff (both MS) for previous posts, here is how to do it.In IIS, expand Default Web site and remove the following virtual directories:– EXCHANGE– EXCHWEB– PUBLIC– OMA– EXADMIN– (Do not remove EXCHANGE-OMA)  Then, enable real time editing of the metabase in IIS admin, for this:1. Open properties on the server object.2. Check the box ‘Enable direct metabase edit’3. After this, open windows explorer and navigate to the following … Continue reading Recreate Virtual IIS directories

Discrepancy with configuring SSL & Sharepoint

Issue: In the midst of religiously following “Publishing a SharePoint Web Site Accessible to External Users” (Microsoft, October 2003), I ran into a conundrum. The instructions state at one point: 103. In the Web Server Certificate Wizard, complete the following: z. On the Server Certificate page, select Assign an existing certificate. The problem is that there is no choice for “Assign an existing certificate”. Resolution: According to post by Les Connor, there may be a discrepancy in the KB: ***********************************************************************7. On the “Server Certificate” page, click “Assign an existing certificate”, and then click “Next”.***********************************************************************Correction:7. On the “Server Certificate” page, click “Replace the current certificate”, then … Continue reading Discrepancy with configuring SSL & Sharepoint

Frontpage Extensions on SBS2003

To configure your front page extension in SBS 2k3, you can find the admin site by clicking:Start -> All Programs -> Administration Tools -> Microsoft SharePoint Administrator Then you will find the FrontPage Server Extensions 2002 Server Administration page open.If you want to manage a certain website such as default website, please just open the server management, expand IIS, expand website and right click the Default web site. And then, point to ‘All Tasks’ and now, you will find ‘Check Server Extensions’, Recalculate Server Extensions 2002 Web, Remove Server Extensions 2002 and SharePoint Central Administration options. You can click any … Continue reading Frontpage Extensions on SBS2003

Relocate Sharepoint Database

These instructions to relocate your Companyweb / Sharepoint database comes from David Copeland at Microsoft. Stop the Companyweb site as well as any other web sites that have been extended with Windows SharePoint Services (WSS). Create the new directory/drive where the databases will be moved to (in the example below is e:\newlocation) I would suggest that the directory have the same permissions as the \program files\microsoft sql server\mssql$sharepoint\data directory has Replace “servername” with the name of your server. The following section will detatch (the WSS config and content databases)c:> OSQL -E -S servername\sharepoint <Enter>sp_detach_db ‘STS_Config’ <Enter>go <Enter>sp_detach_db ‘STS_servername_1’ <Enter>go <Enter>Once the databases are detached, then … Continue reading Relocate Sharepoint Database

Companyweb slow to open

You can speed up the launching of the Companyweb site by changing the IIS Application Pool. Go to IIS ManagerOpen the Application PoolsRight click on the DefaultAppPool and go to propertiesGo to the Performance TabUncheck the top box – shutdown worker processes after being idle.