WHS Restore CD and Realtek NIC

I’ve been testing out the Windows 7 beta on one of my laptops this week. And following my own best practices, I made sure I installed the WHS connector on it and made several backups during my testing. So, yesterday I tried (unsuccessfully) to join the Win7 laptop to a SBS2008 domain. (Yes, I’m aware of my changes required on SBS 2008 to allow Windows 7 to join the domain via http://connect). But still, it failed. So, when I got home I wanted to restore my laptop to its state before my attempt to join it to a domain. Talk about wasting valuable time! First, … Continue reading WHS Restore CD and Realtek NIC

WHS PowerPack 1 Reminder

Just a reminder to those of you who were on the WHS PowerPack 1 beta: Remember to uninstall PPK1 beta, and then after rebooting WHS, be sure to run Windows Update pull down the final release version of Power Pqck 1 (KB944289). I love my WHS! (And it’s saved my “you know what” one more than one occasion) Enjoy!  

More on my TrendMicro WFBS Update

I upgraded my Trend CSM 3.6 to their new Worry-Fress Business Security (WFBS) Advance 5.0 solution for SBS, and like the hero from the movie The Rocketeer, I can say, “I like it!”. Without even digging into all the new features, I can say that the spam filtering is much improved, and the Trend console seems snappier and more responsive. The console interface otherwise is the same as before, except with a fresh, up-to-date look to it. On the new feature side, they have a new ‘location awareness’ settings for laptops that move around inside and outside the office that I … Continue reading More on my TrendMicro WFBS Update

Trend Micro renames/enhances CSM

For those of you using Trend Micro’s Clent Server Messaging (CSM) suite for your SBS servers, you should know that Trend Micro on June 2, 2008 recently rebranded the CSM product to “Worry-Free Business Security Advanced (WFBS)” and released version 5.0.  If you are using CSM 3.5/3.6 and are under maintenance, you can upgrade to WFBS Advanced at no charge.. Upgrading to WFBS will preserve all your current CSM configuration parameters. Click here for instructions from Trend Micro on how to upgrade to WFBS. To download the WFBS Advance installation file (768MB), click here. I’ll post back after I’ve installed it on my test server. … Continue reading Trend Micro renames/enhances CSM

WHS Data Corruption followup

Endgaget posted “new” information about the data corruption problem with Windows Home Server. There are many replies posted at that site that would try to convince you that WHS is not only “not ready for prime time”, but possibly will never be ready for prime time. So, in the interest of keeping our heads cool and calm, understand that there are plenty of people (including myself) that are running WHS successfully. – If you’re running WHS on a single disk drive, you will not encounter this problem. And if you do have multiple disk drives,– If you are using WHS to backup your … Continue reading WHS Data Corruption followup

WHS and A/V Alert

I had a nice surprise today while I was downloading and preparing to install Vista SP1 to my workstation. Normally I do not heed the warning to disable the antivirus program, but for some reason today I decided to do so. While Vista SP1 was busy installing, I turned to my WHS console and, lo and behold … I encountered the following critical alert message (click here). -kw

WHS Web Site Links

Here’s a list of helpful web sites for Windows Home Server information. This will get you started … you’re on your own after this! Microsoft’s WHSWHS Microsoft ForumWHS Microsoft Team Blog Terry Walsh’ We Got (WHS) ServedPhilip Churchill’s WHS BlogI Hate LinuxRamblings of a Home Server User  


[Edited 2-15-2008]   I gave a 2 ½ hour presentation and demo on WHS to our local Tampa Bay SBS User Group. Plenty of good questions, several which I could not answer. I’m posting the feedback and responses I received on those questions in hopes it helps someone else. Thanks to everyone who either asked the question, or provided an answer!   1. In a clean WHS environment (no SBS, etc.), how is name resolution amongst workstations and server handled? Any performance issues? Ø  KW: UPnP for discovery, NetBIOS for most name resolution. Ø  CEK: WHS acts exactly like a standalone, … Continue reading WHS Q&A

Use WHS to back up SBS

Why not? Simply install the WHS Connector CD from the SBS console, run the setup.exe program, enter your WHS server’s password, and let it configure itself, and you’re done. One piece of advice: I would suggest scheduling the SBS Backup utility (commonly called NTBackup) to make a backup of the Exchange store and have that complete prior to the WHS backup kicking off. The SBS backup utility is “Exchange aware” and will make sure that your Exchange log files are flushed. Similarly, you could also schedule stsadm to do a backup of youre Companyweb/Sharepoint database. Instructions for doing this can be found in the Microsoft’s Backing … Continue reading Use WHS to back up SBS

Accessing WHS remotely

After getting WHS up and running, I wanted to see what it would take to access WHS remotely. Because my router already forwards such ports as 443, 3389 and 4125 to my SBS Premium server, I was stepping into fairly unknown waters for me. As I tell people, I barely can spell “ISA”. Assumptions / Prerequisites: 1. I was hoping to take an approach that would NOT mess with how I currently access my SBS server via RWW, OWA, RDP. And I almost succeeded. Unfortuantely port 4125 (RWW) can be changed on the SBS server, but it is hard coded for WHS. I will address the 4125 issue in … Continue reading Accessing WHS remotely