Pi Day! Song

March 14th is ithe official holiday for Pi! I wish I could take credit for the following, but I cannot. It comes from CNN and Elizabeth Landau – http://scitech.blogs.cnn.com/2009/03/13/pi-day-and-american-pi/ Pi is the ratio of circumference to diameter of a circle. Celebrate it on Saturday, March 14!  In honor of Pi Day, March 14 (because it’s 3/14, like 3.14), I came up with the basis for this song, inspired by Don McClean’s 1971 song “American Pie,” when I was in high school. Feel free sing along with that tune. American Piby Elizabeth Landau A long, long time ago, it was one … Continue reading Pi Day! Song

2010 Daily Reflections

On Jan 1, 2010 I received my email from Microsoft announcing that I was selected (again) as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for the Small Business Server. This is my 7th year for this award, and every year it is both am honor to be so acknowledged, and at the same time a mystery. A mystery? People ask me: what do I need to do to become an MVP? I tell them to just be themselves. I’ve never done anything more than that myself. That’s why it’s a mystery to me … that somehow the effort I put into supporting, … Continue reading 2010 Daily Reflections

2009-08-04 He’s a Real Nowhere Man

Ok, so it’s been a long time between songs. Life does stay busy, doesn’t it? That’s why this song seems very appropriate. It was inspired by a recent post on Virtual PC and Windows 7. With a tip of the hat to Dana! He’s a real virtual man, Sitting in his virtual land, Connecting to his virtual lans For nobody.   Doesn’t have a physical view, Knows not where he’s loaded to, Isn’t he a bit like you and me?   Virtual man, please listen, You’re not real, just emulatin’, Virtual man, the world is at your command.   He’s … Continue reading 2009-08-04 He’s a Real Nowhere Man

Frank McCallister – In Memoriam

Frank McCallister passed away this week. Frank was an SBS MVP. He loved to say he was the oldest MVP. But more importantly he was a real friend. His stories would hold your attention, but the real story was Frank. He called himself “the Old Fart”. But that name does not describe all that he did and would do for people. Frank, we will miss you. In tribute to Frank, I’ve reworked the lyrics of the song “The Gambler”, made famous by Kenny Rogers (YouTube video). The Old Fart (aka The Gambler)Dedicated to Frank McCallisterOn a warm summer’s evenin’ on a … Continue reading Frank McCallister – In Memoriam

SBS2008 – Get on the Bandwagon!

I arrived home last night at 9pm after attending a week long in-depth training session on the new Windows SBS 2008 Server platform. My interest level in SBS 2008 might have been described as lukewarm, at best, prior to this week. But now I can’t wait to get some customers on board with this latest version of SBS. As I write this post, I’m thinking of the scene in The Music Man, where all the town folk are lined up along the side of the street in anticipation of the Wells Fargo Wagon arriving bringing the brand new band instruments. And … Continue reading SBS2008 – Get on the Bandwagon!

SBS 2008 Song & Dance?

SBS2008 is quickly rolling through its beta testing and the official release has been set for Nov 12, 2008. So, i thought it would only be appropriate to get people fired up by putting together a small tribute to the past versions of SBS, and a look forward to SBS2008 (with kudo’s to the Canadian national anthem). Enjoy! First, you will want to display or print out the words and music: O Microsoft Lyrics and Songsheet (PDF file)Then, click on this link to hear the full recording: SBS 2008’s O Microsoft! (WMV 9Mb) P.S. It works best if you sing VERY … Continue reading SBS 2008 Song & Dance?

2008-02-06 "You’re No Good"

Wed Feb-6-2008 is known as Ash Wednesday and marks the beginning of Lent for most Christian denominations. This is a period of 40 days of fasting and praying, and is symbolic of the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert and the 40 years the Israelites spent looking for the Promised Land. After all the food and desserts I ate over the holidays, I certainly need to do some fasting. And when dealing with computer errors (whether dumb errors or critical show stopping errors), we sometimes say things we shouldn’t – possibly under our breath, possibly not! And when it comes to Vista, I feel like I’ve been … Continue reading 2008-02-06 "You’re No Good"

2007-12-25 "Mary, Did You Know?"

First, I wish everyone a very safe, joyous and wonderful Christmas holiday. Thanks for everyone’s words of encouragement to me this past year as I suffered through several physical problems and illnesses. On my road to recovery, I decided to step away from my full time position I”ve had for the last 4 years and return to working for myself, selling  and installing SBS wherever I can. I close out my month of Christmas songs with a fairly new Christmas song (1984) written by Mark Lowry and Buddy Green called “Mary, Did You Know”. It’s been recorded by many people, but IMHO Kathy Mattea’s version … Continue reading 2007-12-25 "Mary, Did You Know?"