SBS 2008 List of Installation Errors

Microsoft has published a list of errors that you may encounter when installing SBS2008. They also include suggested resolution(s) and follow-up tasks for each error.

SBS20008 Migration Documents

For those of you who may have missed it … new documentation for migrating to SBS 2008 is now available for viewing or download. This covers both SBS 2003 to SBS 2008, and SBS 2008 to SBS2008 scenarios. Online Technet versions:Migrate SBS2003 to SBS2008Migrate SBS2008 to SBS2008All SBS2008 Technet articles Downloadable versions:Migrating SBS2003 to SBS2008 (Word Doc – 77 pages)Migrating SBS2008 to new hardware (Word doc – 58 pages)SBS Migration & Setup (CHM file) Happy migration!-kw

SBS2003, SP2 and ISA 2004

As a heads up … if you are installing SBS 2003 Premium with Windows Server SP2, your ISA 2004 installation may go belly-up. Steven Teiger just encountered such a situation: CEICW failed, and then upon restarting the SBS server, all of the ISA services failed. According to Eriq Neale, you need to do the following steps: 1. Install SBS with SP2 (do basic setup, without ISA)2. Disable ALL scalabale networking pieces. (Read Eriq’s detail step-by-step instructions here)3. Download ISA 2004 SP3, then install ISA 2004 followed by installing ISA 2004 SP3. In fact, if you were to run the SBS BPA … Continue reading SBS2003, SP2 and ISA 2004

SBSMigration Conference 2008

Jeff’s 2008 SBSMigration Conference is set for May 9-11 in New Orleans, followed by with an optional 5 day cruise. Chris Rue has created a very nice 30 second video highlighting last year’s conference. Chris will be there. I will be there. What about you? -kw

Why use SBS Swing Migration?

In the SBS 2003 Public Newsgroup, and probably most other newsgroups, we often walk a thin line when it comes to recommending 3rd party solutions and products. There are those who love Trend, and those who hate it. Same goes for anything Symantec, or Dell, or HP, or any other HW/SW vendor. One of the solutions that is constantly recommended is Jeff Middleton’s SBS Swing Migration. His process is perfect whether you are on SBS2003 and need to migrate to new hardware, or if you are on an older version of SBS, and wants to upgrade to SBS 2003 and implement new server hardware at the same time. … Continue reading Why use SBS Swing Migration?

Why I Like Using “Swing Migration”

Jeff Middleton’s Swing Migration ( methodology has been used successfully around the world. You can use it to simply move a current SBS installation to new hardware, or to also upgrade from sBS2000 to SBS2003 at the same time. I thought I would post what I liked about using SBS Migration: It alows you work on the new server completely offline from the current server, allowing you to setup and configure everything without impacting users and current server. In fact, you can do it with the new server back at your office, and not at the custome site It does require a third computer that … Continue reading Why I Like Using “Swing Migration”

Moving SBS to new hardware

Here’s a  response I provided to a recent post asking how to move an SBS server to new hardware. In this instance, the user wanted to both upgrade from SBS2000 to SBS2003, and they also wanted to move to new hardware: There’s more than one way to do a migration (moving SBS2000/2003 to new hardware), and a lot of things add into the mix — like how many users you have on youre server, any specific applications, etc.If it were me, given your scenario, I would SKIP any thoughts of upgrading to SBS2003 first on your current server, before migrating. Since … Continue reading Moving SBS to new hardware

How to “ghost” your SBS system disk

A tip of the hat to Merv for this information! A frequent question on the NG is: can I use Ghost to make copy of my SBS system drive, and if so, which version of Ghost should I use? Merv’s answer is: You can use Ghost 2003 (or later).1.  Install the Ghost 2003 software on a Win2K or WinXP workstation (not the server) and then make a set of Ghost Boot floppies using MSDOS as your operating system on the floppies (requires a MS DOS bootable disk or CD to copy the files from this to your Ghost Boot Floppies).  … Continue reading How to “ghost” your SBS system disk

Overview on Jeff’s Swing Migration

[This was posted in the public NG on 10/23/2004 by Jeff] I have information on Swing Migration that I can send out to you if you want to visit to request it.Swing Migration is a method for upgrade/migration that I’ve recently documented and created as a complete project package called a Swing It!! Kit. It’s a set of documentation that walks you through an entire process to move the entire configuration identity from the old SBS to a new SBS or Windows server.You get a clean server installation, but the same domain name, same server name, same AD, same … Continue reading Overview on Jeff’s Swing Migration