WHS Restore CD and Realtek NIC

I’ve been testing out the Windows 7 beta on one of my laptops this week. And following my own best practices, I made sure I installed the WHS connector on it and made several backups during my testing. So, yesterday I tried (unsuccessfully) to join the Win7 laptop to a SBS2008 domain. (Yes, I’m aware of my changes required on SBS 2008 to allow Windows 7 to join the domain via http://connect). But still, it failed. So, when I got home I wanted to restore my laptop to its state before my attempt to join it to a domain. Talk about wasting valuable time! First, … Continue reading WHS Restore CD and Realtek NIC

Windows 7 Tips

OK … so I just installed Windows 7 Beta for the first time on Friday, but I already like what I see! The new installation on my Vostro 1510 laptop went smoothly. And already I have discovered several new things that caught my attention, such as: Certainly initial boot up is faster, and Win 7 “seems” more responsive than Vista What used to be called ‘Shared Computer Toolkit’ is now built into Win 7, and called PC Safeguard. This allows you to define a user account for perhaps a training room environment. User logs on, does stuff (creates files, make changes, etc,). But … Continue reading Windows 7 Tips