Xobni and Outlook

I just came across a new product, currently in beta, that turns Outlook into a “social networking tool”. Not only does it give you lightning fast email searches, but it brings a wealth of information that I certainly did not think possible, much less needed. Email analytics, extract phone numbers from emails, threaded conversations, quick attachment discovery, and on, and on, and on. They say a picture is wroth a thousand words … so check it out here: http://www.xobni.com/learnmore/ -kw

Spiceworks 1.6 and SBS

I’ve recently been taking a look at Spiceworks, which is a free network administration tool. I am not either promoting or recommending this tool. But other people I have talked with have looked at it, so I wanted to see for myself. I installed Spiceworks on my workstation (not on the server). An issue you may run into is that when Spiceworks does a scan of your network, it may not be able to identify either your workstations or your SBS server. If your SBS server is running ISA 2004:Within the ISA Server Management console, right click on the SBS Protected Networks Access … Continue reading Spiceworks 1.6 and SBS

Term Server and the Remote App

The following situation was recently posted to the NG. Les Connor’s reply, as usual, nailed the solution perfectly! First SBS2003 installation, one reception workstation and 2 business partners with laptops who would be in and out of the office. The problem is the line-of-business applications these people use. I was amazed at how limited the configuration options are for these apps. They mostly seem to have derived from old DOS apps to which have been retrofitted for some multi user capabilities. They all expect the binaries and data to be in a single folder hierarchy with no configuration options to separate the data to a different folder/drive/share. The trouble with these types of apps is that … Continue reading Term Server and the Remote App

Still trying to reach you, Mr. Gaskin!

I have been trying to contact either Mr. Gaskin and the editors at Network World ever since they received my initial response to Mr. Gatskin’s review of the SBS 2003 R2. In what could be categorized as “truth is stranger than fiction”, my repeated attempts to contact therm have fallen null and void. That is, until my latest attempt on Friday evening. Lo and behold, on Saturday evening I find this in my inbox: This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent has not yet been delivered to one or more of its recipients after more … Continue reading Still trying to reach you, Mr. Gaskin!

Response to the James Gaskin’s "Challenge"

Author James Gaskin published a review of SBS 2003 R2  in Network World on 7/31/2006. I thought the article was quite favorable, highlighting many of the important features in R2. I responded to him privately, first, with my comments and suggestions, and subsequently posted on my blog: http://msmvps.com/blogs/kwsupport/archive/2006/08/03/106657.aspx Primarily, I took exception to his repeated assertions that SBS could not be kept secured by neophyte SBS admins, nor could they install or maintain it without help from consultants. I also suggested that he could have done his readers a service by directing them to the SBS Specialist Community and the public SBS newsgreoup, if help was required. Well, he did receive … Continue reading Response to the James Gaskin’s "Challenge"

Driver Update Challenge

For years, I have recommended people to only use WU/MU/WSUS to install critical updates, and to avoid at all cost installing or updating any drivers that these tools may report. But, I have also talked to many Microsoft people who tell me that updating drivers via WU/MU/WSUS do (or should) work. I would love to hear from anyone who regularly uses WU/MU/WSUS to perform driver updates on production workstations and/or servers. If I can get more than ten positive stories, I’d be willing to put my own home production server and one workstation on the line and try it. So, you have … Continue reading Driver Update Challenge

I’m Back!!!

Well, as Arnold Schwarzeger said  in Terminator 3: “I’m back!” Back in February I had to put myself on a self imposed hiatur from posting in the public newsgroup, because oif a variety of personal and business related issues. Every person needs to learn when to say ‘No’, even to those things that he or she dearly loves. I recall a pastor once saying that every good thing is not God’s thing for your life. So here’s the short version of my life the last 4 months: 1) At the beginning of 2006 I had a 3 day physical at the Mayo … Continue reading I’m Back!!!

Workaround if OWA requires domain name for logon

Recently I installed Exchange 2003 SP2 on an SBS server that did NOT have SBS SP1 on it. After installing the Exchange service pack, remote users could not logon just using their username. They had to include the domain name as well — format: domain\username. I tried running the KB 832539 fix that came out after SBS SP1, but it would not run, saying it could not find Exchange 2003 SP1. If you have a similar situation, here is the workaround that will allow a user to login to OWA by just using their username: 1. Start up IIS2. Under the Default Web … Continue reading Workaround if OWA requires domain name for logon

2004-11-19 “Singin’ in the Rain”

I suppose the reason I like to sing, and to listen to music, is that it makes me happy. Nothing like a good ol’ rock ‘n roll song, or a broadway showtune, to lift my mind out of the day to day work issues … and whistle a happy tune! I was standing in a very long line at the Washington DC/Reagan National Airport yesterday evening to fly back home to end one very long (21 hour) work day. I turned to the person behind me and started talking about show tunes. Before long, we had a whole group of … Continue reading 2004-11-19 “Singin’ in the Rain”