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It”s my first post here.

Firstly, a little bit about myself – name is Michael Nemtsev, but mostly know as "LaFlour" among my colleagues. Originally I”m from Poland, but was born and grew in Russia. Live and work in Australia (Sydney) as Consultant since recently.

I”m MVP in .NET/C# for the last 2 sequence years. You can find detailed info about me there

I”ve been blogging for 2+ years on but decided to open the mirror blog for several reasons

1,,) I”m not really happy that "spaces" blog engine doesn”t allow anonymous replies, and you need to have .NET passport for this

2) "spaces" has lack of support to host custom pages. Some times ago I was looking for the place to host my ".NET Tips and Tricks" project to get the feedback from developers and found that MSMVPS is hosted on community server which provides such functionality. I”d be glad to hear your feedback about ".NET Tips and Tricks"

So, ta & welcome 🙂

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