Moving to Canberra

The consulting position implies a lot of traveling. But sometimes your are required to be in other city for a long time, as it just happened to me. From October I will be parked with client in Canberra for the next 3 months.

Can”t say that I”m very exited or very disappointed. There are several pros and cons.

From one side, I have never been there before and would like to live there for a short period of time to understand how city looks like. But, from other side, I really fed up with traveling. I can”t remember that I stayed somewhere more than 2 weeks from the beginning of June. I”m moving each 2 weeks either between cities or between countries. It doesn”t make me comfortable and happy, and what”s worse – I start feeling myself a bit shitty after 4 months on road.

But, if to put away all that traveling crap, the engagement in Canberra is really interesting from the development perspective and really challengeable – all the latest MS technologies in a big web-based solution and that was a key fact which tended me to accept this :,,) (Damn, I start hating myself for this, because I noted that very often the techny side of me prevails over the reasonableness)

So, Canberra in on the way 🙂

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