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MVP beer

Just found at local Australian shop beer for MVP guys :,,) If you are not MVP – using this beer is strongly prohibited 😉

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SharePoint Services (WSS 3.0) learning curve

When you first stumble over the new technology the important thing is to extract the “right” learning curve, which allows you to get into the technology as fast as possible and to be the most productive. This make sense especially when you set to the project to replace another team member and you can”t afford […]


“Crouch” start in SharePoint

Recently I was parked into the SharePoint 2007 project, which is overly customized. Luckily, it relates to WSS then to MOSS. After the first week spent in this project I understood that the SharePoint is the only application when you need to read the RTFM before starting it :,,) Because, despite how you good as […]

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