“Crouch” start in SharePoint

Recently I was parked into the SharePoint 2007 project, which is overly customized. Luckily, it relates to WSS then to MOSS. After the first week spent in this project I understood that the SharePoint is the only application when you need to read the RTFM before starting it :,,) Because, despite how you good as developer it doesn”t make any sense with gettin” into the SharePoint. All that specific stuff relates to understanding the SharePoint structure and how it works. Without this knowledge you will fail even with the simplest task.

So, the SharePoint architecture is the vital thing you need to know when you start in this area, but where to start from first? I”ve scrutinized the resources and found the next book very useful for SharePoints newbies

Amazon.com: Inside Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (Pro Developer) (Pro Developer): Books: Ted Pattison,Daniel Larson

ISBN: 0735623201
ISBN-13: 9780735623200




Book is really good, and describes all necessary aspects which are required for the quick start in SharePoint

Mirror: Crouch start in SharePoint


  1. Mitch Denny Said,

    October 5, 2007@ 11:00 am      Reply

    Hi Michael,

    Sounds like you are taking it in your stride!

  2. Michael Said,

    October 5, 2007@ 11:16 am      Reply

    Do I have any alternatives? Neville and Chris will tell you about my everydays whimpering and WTFing to SharePoint 🙂

    Thanks to Rob and Adam for gettin” me into this gamble 😉

  3. Grant Said,

    October 5, 2007@ 12:55 pm      Reply

    I can also recommend Bill English”s Sharepoint Administrator”s companion book from an infrastructure point of view. It was a vital resource for me getting up to speed with it all.


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