SharePoint Services (WSS 3.0) learning curve

When you first stumble over the new technology the important thing is to extract the “right” learning curve, which allows you to get into the technology as fast as possible and to be the most productive.

This make sense especially when you set to the project to replace another team member and you can”t afford to examine all possible sources to learn the subject

So, I”ve made the next WSS learning curve list, which helped me a lot in the attempt to perceive the real nature of SharePoint under the severe pressure:,,)

  • Sharepoint Architecure – Web Application, Site Collection, Site

  • Site Customization

  • Object Model, WSS Handlers and Compilation models

  • Deployment via UI and via scripts

  • Features  – creating and adding event handling

  • Types of Web Pages – application and site pages (creating, ghosted state)

  • User controls – Web parts, Smart Parts

  • Page Templates, Delegate Controls

  • List and Content Types

  • Security

Other sharepoint related usefull staff

Mirror: SharePoint Services learning curve

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