VS 2008 RTM partly breaks Entity Framework

After moving to VS 2008 I”ve noted that Entity Framework Beta2 is partly broken. Even if you are able to build existed projects, creating one fails when you are trying to create “New Connection” to database.

The is no solution for this issue right now, only configuring your connection manually.

So, for those who are using ADO Entity Framework in they projects, like me, the best way is use the VS 2008 Beta2 till ADO vNext provide updated version of their Entity FW and Entity Tools for RTM of VS 2008. Only if you are not so eager of VS 2008 RTM and ready to configure your Entity FW projects manually (exactly what I”m doing right now 🙂  ,,)

PS: To install Entity FW and Entity Tools you need to make some changes to install packages to remove the VS version check up. The best tool for this is Orca editor. See more details there.

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