8 random facts

Last 3 weeks were a bit tough, didn”t have enough time to blog

I moved back to the Sydney from long client engagement at Canberra government, had 2 short-term engagement in Sydney and was tagged by Mitch Denny regarding 8 random facts.

So, it”s my turn

  1. I”m half Russian half Pole – my family roots start from Krak√≥w (Poland), but I was born in Russia.
  2. At high school I took the third place at the sport sniper competition over all regional schools
  3. The first PC I ever seen were  Commodore Amiga. I was so stunned and I understood that it”s exactly what I wanna do all my life.
  4. The first game I wrote were Sokoban, it were developed on basic with ZX-Spectrum. (somewhere between 1990-1992)
  5. I have some problems with vestibular apparatus – it feel myself dizzy even in cab
  6. I was an active FIDO user (NET5063:27.12)and used TMail + GoldED, also I run BBS with Quake game content
  7. I took the 3rd place at the regional Quake-2 contest at year 2001
  8. I was fired from one of my first jobs for failing the project deadline (8 years ago).

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