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Subclassing Content Query Web Part to override CAML query

The Content Query Web Part (CQWP) in MOSS is one of the popular out-of-the-box Publishing components which is used in content management sites, allowing you to get results from different sources. But sometimes out of the box functionality is not enough to meet your requirements, and you need to customize CQWP. There are several resources […]

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MOSS Content Deployment Jobs – Lookup Fields and requirements

Content Deployment Job is a nice feature of MOSS 2007 to secure your main site from unauthorized and accidental changes and have approved content being deployed via standard MOSS functionality. But Content Deployment Jobs are a bit tricky 🙁 There are some areas which I”d like to highlight in the current post, which helps you […]

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Publishing Content Types and missed “CreatePage.aspx” page in WCM sites

SharePoint content types is very popular thing, and used in almost all Sharepoint projects. Deployment of content types via feature is described in almost every book about SharePoint, but non of them describe how to do in correctly :,,) This happens mostly because the real nature of deployment content types reveals in Web Content Managed […]

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Sharepoint Tools Overview for Windows 2008 and Visual Studio 2008

I used to use a couple of tools in WSS/MOSS development which covered 90% of all functionality. These tools are Sharepoint Spy WSS Extensions for Visual Studio 2005 but when I switched on Windows 2008 Server + Visual Studio 2008 I noted that these tools are not supported there. Sharepoint Spy can”t be installed on […]

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CSS and ASP.NET Menu in Sharepoint

Using CSS in SharePoint differs a little bit from the standard approach we use in ASP.NET applications – some styles doesn”t work as they expected to work. The major problem is that SharePoint doesn”t understand some CSS applied on ASP.NET ?ontrols. I stumbled over several cases. There is a simple rule how to avoid this […]

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Export Sharepoint List Definition with OCDExportList and reusing standard Views

When you are engaged in SharePoint development under Windows Server 2008 you are limited in 3rd party tools, because not all tools are working there, for example you can”t use Sharepoint Spy – it requests Windows Server 2003 only (actually you can run Sharepoint Spy by modifying MSI and removing Windows version check) There are […]

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Attend ReMIX 08 in Sydney – Experts stand

Going to attend the ReMIX 08 in Sydney. You can catch me in “Expert Stand” section during breaks. Mirror: Attend ReMIX 08 in Sydney – Experts stand