Export Sharepoint List Definition with OCDExportList and reusing standard Views

When you are engaged in SharePoint development under Windows Server 2008 you are limited in 3rd party tools, because not all tools are working there, for example you can”t use Sharepoint Spy – it requests Windows Server 2003 only (actually you can run Sharepoint Spy by modifying MSI and removing Windows version check)

There are some other tools which support Windows 2008, one of this tools is “OCDExportList“, as you could imply from its name it allows you to export the List Definitions.

OCDExportList is just STSADM extension which gives you list”s schema xml . But, if you gonna use this schema xml in your feature deployment, you need to make some changes.

By default “OCDExportList” exports list with all views, like “AllItems.aspx” and etc, but actually in 90% cases you need to use standard views, and don”t deploy custom ones. So, to deploy list and use standard views the following changes of list schema xml should be applied

  1. Add SetupPath=”pagesform.aspx” for each <Form> in <MetaData>/<Forms>
  2. Find <View> ulr=”AllItems.asxp” and change attributes
    • add SetupPath=”pagesviewpage.aspx”
    • change “DisplayName” value on “$Resources:core,objectiv_schema_mwsidcamlidC24;”

After that,the deployed list will use standard views

Mirror: Export List Definition with OCDExportList and reusing standard Views


  1. sunny Said,

    January 10, 2010@ 4:32 pm      Reply

    IS there a way to take care of custom views as well?
    I have to move custom list views as well.

  2. laflour Said,

    January 11, 2010@ 8:45 am      Reply

    Open the list in WEBDAV (Explorer view) and just copy the custom views (they are just aspx files)

  3. HD Said,

    November 25, 2010@ 11:39 pm      Reply

    Custom views refer to the existing list GUID. How to set them to the new GUID? Since the list is deployed along with the voiews, at this point list GUID will not be available.

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